Perched • Luxury Event Furniture Rentals in Trinidad & Tobago

We are the premier luxury event furniture rental and event furnishings company in Trinidad & Tobago. Experience luxury, today.

Curated by Designers

Our event furniture collections are each hand-picked by an experienced team of interior designers to add subtle elegance to any event. We promise that you’ll always look your best with style and design, delivered.

Internationally Renowned Pieces

Why limit yourself? The world is our oyster and we love to stay on top of designer furniture trends. With internationally known pieces available for rent at affordable rates, events in Trinidad and Tobago will forever be transformed.

Passionate About Elegance

Concept driven, we aim to work with you no matter the size of your event or your budget, in both Trinidad and Tobago. Give yourself the unfair advantage and invite your guests to indulge in sheer elegance - and truly experience luxury.