Wireless Charging Breakout Table (12ft)

Rental $2,500 TTD per day

Bar height charging station for laptops, tablets, smartphones and wireless charging. For 8-10 persons. Extendable up to 16ft.

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A meeting table to charge any device, designed to be a hot-desk and charging hub.

Keeping smartphones and laptops charged during events and break away sessions has never been easier. Extendable up to 16 feet, the sleek design of each table includes wall sockets, wireless charging, and ultra-high speed USB ports. Equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology, any enabled device can receive five hours of battery life from just five minutes of charging – the fastest charge possible! Perfect for corporate events and conferences where your guests need to stay connected, our stand-up (or seated) meeting table will be the perfect social hub.

Each station can comfortably hold 8 persons seated, or 10 standing. Each 4ft charging station table can be used individually, coupled together in 8ft pairs (14 seated, 18 standing), or used as any combination of 4ft, 8ft, 12ft or 16ft table arrangements (with up to 32 seated, 40 standing).

Each station includes 4 wall socket ports, 8 ultra-high speed USB charging ports, 2 wireless charging ports, 2 USB easy access ports (on table surface), and is surge and GFCI protected.

Persons 24-30
Width 25in
Length 12ft
Height 41in
Ultra-High Speed USB Charging Ports
Wireless Charging Ports 6
Wall Socket Charging Ports 12
Tabletop USB Charging Ports 6

Charging Station Usage and Safety.

Each charging station has been specifically designed for the safe and continuous usage of laptops, tablets, mobile phones and USB devices only, providing 80% power in 35 minutes to all quick charge enabled devices, and ultra high speed charging to non-quick charge devices.

Each station can be powered from one electricity source individually, or linked together as a dual table setup (i.e. one wall socket is required to power either a single or double charging station arrangement). For a triple or quadruple charging station arrangement, two electricity wall sockets will be required.

Each station is to be strictly used to power and charge low-draw devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and USB devices only. The use of high-draw devices (such as desktop computers, printers, speaker systems, kitchen equipment or large appliances etc.) should not be used under any circumstances.

For safety, each table is fitted with both a ground fault circuit interrupter and circuit breaker. The use of high-draw devices may cause the circuit to become overloaded, which will result in the temporary loss of power to the charging station(s). Each station is also surge protected (up to 1410 Joules/48,000 amps) to protect any electrical devices from being damaged, should an external voltage spike occur.

The combined maximum allowed wattage for each station under a single or double station arrangement is 1150 watts for continuous usage (a normal laptop on average drawers between 20 to 75 watts to charge, with tablets, phones and most USB devices between 5 to 10 watts approximately). Please note, as a quadruple station arrangement must be powered by two power sources, the wattage allowance is treated as 1150 watts for each table pair.

This product is not waterproof and must be situated under shelter if used outdoors.

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