Event Tips: Let’s Talk About Chairs

So, let’s talk about chairs! We know that a lot of the time clients think that the banquet chairs supplied by the venue are the only option and to cover them is the only solution. If you can relate to this, just wait a second and read on, because for a modern bride, planner or event decorator chair covers are no longer the all rounded solution they used to be.

When we started Perched, our frustration with ill-fitting fabric covers, the dreaded spandex cover or sitting on yet another Chiavari chair was one of the solutions that we wanted to address.  

Many clients think their chair selection won’t have an effect on the look and feel of their event, but the truth is, chairs are the base of your aesthetic. Chairs are one of the first elements your guests will see and, if you have a chair that contradicts or alienates your style, it can create a chaotic and disorganized feel. Chairs have the ability to set the tone, whether it be chic modern or lush garden, they ground your style and allow your finer details to shine.

Here are 5 alternative chair styles for your event:

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